We have a "duty of care" to our members, our staff, our volunteers and, not least of all the public in general, to ensure that our buses and passengers are safe to travel.

With the ever increasing range of wheelchairs available to people using our buses, it is becoming more difficult to ensure that our drivers have the specialised knowledge of each individual wheelchair to ensure that it is suitable for transporting and anchoring safely.

We can transport both manual and powered wheelchairs provided they meet the necessary health and safety requirements.

We have therefore introduced a scheme of assessing the mobility aid prior to travelling. This will operate as detailed in the following description.

There are exceptions to this but for those people wanting to know some of the points that need to be checked, they are:-

  • The wheelchair is not classed as a scooter. These are unsafe to transport and, because of the extra space required to store the scooter plus the seat needed for the user, there is often insufficient space available.
  • The wheelchair should have an integral seat and not one that is affixed to the base by way of a single stem (some of these are acceptable but must have a "crash test" Certificate).
  • The wheelchair must be capable of being manoeuvred manually and be fitted with handles, to enable the assistant/driver to manoeuvre the wheelchair in to position.
  • The wheelchair must be able to be secured by the use of a manual brake.
  • There should be recognised anchoring points located on the chair for our securing equipment.

How will the Scheme work?

We will need to visit you at home to assess access and your wheelchair to ensure that we can transport it on our buses. Please have any documents relating to your wheelchair available. We will include assessment of the route in and out of your home to ensure it is safe. On completion of the assessment our officer will discuss any points with you or your carer so that any problems, should there be any, can be resolved before you book your transport.

During the assessment we will need to know if you have an exemption from wearing a seat belt. You must be able to produce the necessary certificate. A doctor's letter is not sufficient. It is a legal requirement that the certificate must be with you every time you travel in order that it may be produced if asked by a police officer.

At the time of the assessment you should also let us know of any other requirement you may have, such as wearing an integral posture belt, foot rests or any special features for your chair.

Once the assessment is finalised we will issue a wheelchair passport and affix it to your chair, which will provide information necessary when your wheelchair is on board. This wheelchair passport will not have any form of identity linking it to you and no personal information will be held on it. You must advise us if you change your chair, better still, talk to us first for impartial advice.

You have the responsibility to ensure you are fully supported and safe in your wheelchair before we transport you.
We are not able to transport anyone in a wheelchair that is not complete, i.e. foot rest missing, under capacity brakes, under inflated tyres or posture belt not fitted etc.

If in doubt or have any queries please call the office for advice 0345 544 0850.

Below is a price list:-

Wheelchair Assessments
First Free
Subsequent £10
Non member £40
For member organisation £30
Local Authority £40
Company £40