Keep Mobile, like other charities, have to raise funds to maintain the services they offer. We receive funding from both of the unitary councils in our operating area together with grants from a number of parishes, all of which goes towards our overall running costs. After this we are still short of funds by approximately 30% which has to be found if we are to maintain the current service level.

We run a number of fundraising events during the year including events at our own hall, car boot sales, raffles, rattle tins in the town centres and frequently make applications for donations from many companies and trusts, some of which are successful.
With 12 customised accessible buses, we need to purchase a replacement every nine months just to maintain the fleet to our current standard. These buses cost approximately £60,000 to put into service. In addition, our Day Excursion service, which receives no funding whatsoever from the unitaries, is in need of a replacement bus. The bus has to be fully accessible in order that as many wheelchair users as possible (within safety limits) can travel. We are currently raising funds to purchase this.
For details of our services please explore this site and view the relevant pages. Without funding we would not be able to provide these services to the less able residents of Bracknell and Wokingham, which would result in them not being able to reach their destinations - which include doctors, hospitals, shops or family and friends.
You can support us by making donations under the Gift Aid scheme or Payroll Giving, both of which provide additional funds direct from the Inland Revenue based upon your donation and a Gift Aid declaration. Gift Aid envelopes are available on request.